About Us

Step Change Communications helps organizations ensure that each step of the way is a step forward and a step up. The world of science and technology is where we excel, to support the many ways and means that advance sustainability in its multiple forms.

We help organizations with advice and services built around two desired states: ‘Be Good’ and ‘Be Known’. Every organization with a dream of making a difference has to achieve both.

Big or small, Being Good as an organization means being and doing the things to sustain trust and reputation with all stakeholders at all times. This requires leadership, discipline, comfort with change, and yes, communication.

Do you want to be better at being good? We can help

Being Known is to be seen and experienced by all your stakeholders the way you want to be. It means using language they understand, about things that matter to them, with communications that reflect your attention to quality and detail.

Do you want to be better at being known? We can help